A Truly Unique Approach to Training

Dan_cropped“I scheduled my first session with Janet at a time when my running was not going so well. After 4 years of high mileage in a Division I college program, I had acquired a taste for marathons and was eager to continue training and racing competitively. However, a recurring knee injury shut down my training over and over again. I sought out Janet’s expertise in hopes that there was another option besides having surgery or throwing in the towel. With her incredibly nuanced eye for detail, Janet immediately noticed elements of my form that were likely contributing to my knee problems and decreasing my overall efficiency. Instead of the canned exercises I’d been prescribed in the past, Janet gave me a series of running-specific exercises that emphasize functional mobility. Her approach is truly unique, drawing from her own experience as an elite ultrarunner as well as years of experience working with runners of all ages and abilities. She applies her extensive knowledge of muscle groups, bio-mechanics, and energy flow to create a highly individualized form and training program. Janet challenges you to develop greater awareness of your own form, teaching you cues to self-correct when running on your own. Best of all, she’s very patient, always positive, and is just an all-around great person. In the more than two years that I’ve been seeing Janet, I’ve been able to train with much greater consistency and am looking forward to my next race – none of which would have been possible without Janet’s help! ”

~ Dan

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