Beginner Runner

Heather Running“Janet Runyan is the most excellent running coach you will ever find, guaranteed. She is the only known coach who helps a runner develop their individual running form, rather than just focusing on miles and general running tips, like most coaches. Each individual client is evaluated to determine the best way to maximize their potential, based on their running form and body structure, their diet and lifestyle and their overall energetic qualities. Janet is incredibly perceptive and notices subtleties of the whole person, and is therefore able to recommend slight adjustments that totally improve a runner’s form. Her knowledge of the body is unsurpassed and is evidenced by her own ability to sustain a long-term, high-level ultra-running program and compete at national and world levels.I began running four years ago and the compliments I’ve gotten on my running form & strength, and discipline with my program are owed, in large part, to my regular and consistent running sessions with Janet. As a bonus to her excellent coaching skills, Janet is a caring, fun, supportive person and a joy to have in one’s life.”

Heather Hans
Boulder, CO

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