Creating Your Own Running Adventure

“Working with Janet has really taught me how to run smoothly and to maximize the energy available. I am able to run further than I ever would have thought possible. Using the tools that she has shown us, I feel better about my running than ever before. Running is an important part of my life, thanks to Janet!

“I wish I could tell of some big races that I’ve won or personal bests that I’ve set or that kind of stuff, but truthfully running is more of a spiritual practice and health pursuit. One of the things that we learned from you is how to listen to our bodies. The real concrete accomplishment that we have made a part of our training since working with you is that we do a significant run of our own making. Including 50K runs on David’s 60th and 61st birthdays.

“Last year we did a ‘marathon’ (26.2 miles, not a race) on the Peak-to-Peak highway. This year the plan is to do a ‘marathon’ up and down Mt Evans (14200 feet at the summit). If the weather is too bad on Evans, we’ll run from Eldora to our place via Magnolia Rd. Next March we plan to run 50K on the 27th (my 50th birthday).”

~Cindy Drozda