Doing What The Coach Says…

VJ Running“I am Vijay and I am 29 yr old male from India. When I started working with Janet in the fall of 2004, my running posture was horrible for someone that intended to run long distance – half marathon and marathon distances. I was a sprinter back in my school/college days and my longest run would be 400 meters. Good running posture did not matter much for such small runs (and i was much younger too). I had started self training for a marathon and as days progressed I was just getting worse. I had carried forward the same mentality of running short distances while I was intending to run longer. This resulted in excruciating pain in my shinbone and at parts of my ankle. I had started experiencing back pain and it was then I decided to talk about my training scheme with my friends that were runners. I was healthy, fit, right weight for my height, smoke-free and had a minimal portion for junk food in my diet. So, it was my strong belief that I was lacking good running techniques. Fortunately, my friend Hurwit Lee, referred me to the one and only Janet Runyan.”Janet analyzed my running posture and made corrections to it. She taught me how to run right without damaging the body. The effect was immediate. In about 2 weeks, my backache had begun to subside and in about 3 months, my shinbone pain had all gone – and that was all done while allowing me to continue my practice runs.She made changes to my diet that helped me build strength and endurance in my muscles. And Janet came up with a personalized training schedule to target a late 2005 marathon. The results speak for themselves – in May 2005, I did my second 10K run (Bolder Boulder) at about 9 min per mile. In Sep 2005, i clocked 8 min per mile at the Boulder backroads – my first half marathon. And finally, i topped the year at Honalulu winding up my first marathon in 3 hrs 54 minutes.”Thanks to Janet for turning running into something I look forward to doing regularly. Janet is a ‘complete’ trainer. She gets all the aspects of running – nutrition, mental attitude, physical development, distance running techniques, etc. And she is very realistic in setting schedules to reach your goal in a sustainable fashion, which i think most other programs/trainers fall short on.”And all the compliments you get from your fellow runners on how good and strong you look while running is all yours to keep.”I wish Janet moved to Chicago which is where i live currently. I miss the opportunity to work with her to make my runs more efficient.”

Chicago, IL