Breathing and the Core Running Workshop

July 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
4586 N 95th St
Lafayette, CO 80026

Running Workshop Series

Breathing and Running

No life begins without breath and so our breathing and core functioning are essential to good running form as well. Core conditioning and exercise  can not work properly without a foundation of learning how to breathe more naturally. Most of us rarely breathe deeply into the core. Getting the breathing mechanism to work fully and properly without stress will greatly enhance the functioning of the deep internal structure of the low back and pelvis. We often connect to the bigger more peripheral muscles of the body and neglect the deeper internal muscles of the pelvis, low back, and pelvic floor.  The results of getting these muscles involved in your running increases efficiency, enhances your level of performance, and prevents injuries.   

What You Get!

  • How to belly breathe and contact the deep core muscles
  • How to increase sensory awareness and understand more about the pelvic muscles
  • Experiential exercises for the pelvis and core that transfers directly into the running gait.
  • How to relax the habitual tensions and allow the proper muscles in the pelvis to function
  • Improved range of motion in the core
  • Visualizations and focuses while running to use the core
  • Homework to help you integrate the work we do in the class.


Workshop Content

The Workshop will include a combination of lecture, conceptual material, experiential exercises, videos, and how to transfer the material into your individual running form. We will start the workshop indoors working with various breathing and relaxation techniques to learn how to contact the deeper muscles, especially the low transverse abs, pelvic floor, and the psoas. We will then take this directly into the running gait, so each person has a chance to see how they will transfer these exercises into the running gait. There’s not a lot of running and you could also just be walking if you’re not running at the time of the workshop. Everyone will have an opportunity to observe improvements others make as well, giving you a wide range of impressions that facilitate the learning process. It’s a great learning tool to watch others because you can see the changes. Then we’ll wrap up the day with Q and A.

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