Legs and Feet Workshop

October 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Legs and Feet Workshop
4586 N 95th St
Lafayette, CO 80026

Feet and Legs Workshop

Feet and Legs Feet and Legs Workshop: The age-old question: Should I forefoot strike, mid-foot, or heel strike?  The deeper answer is really more about how the foot strike resonates from the ground to the pelvis and  through the whole body!

Once we have understood how to engage the inner core, then we come to understand how the feet and legs work to help the pelvis move. In this workshop we’ll work with opening up the feet in a way to access more of the fine muscles that resonate from the ground, all the way through the leg to the pelvis. I call it foot to hip resonance. When the feet are relating to the pelvis, the question of how should I be striking my foot, forefoot, mid-foot, heel becomes a no brainer. The truth of the matter is how you strike your foot should contribute to the core movement.

Your feet are your foundation and connection to the ground. What does it mean to truly ground and also how does the rest of the body need to respond to how the feet and legs connect to the ground? In this workshop, we’ll learn how the feet move, how they relate to the low legs, the upper legs, and to the pelvis. We’ll learn about some of the prime muscles involved, do experiential exercises, and some running and walking to take what we learn into functional movement.


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