Pelvis Workshop–Mobility and Stability–Understand how it moves in Running

November 5, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Teaching Space
4586 N 95th St
Lafayette, CO 80026

Pelvis Workshop

Remember that if you take this workshop, the Breathing and Core Workshop is prerequisite, so please sign up for that. Email me if that’s a problem.

The pelvis is the prime mover in the body. It’s in the center of the body and it’s also a pivotal area. So much of our movement is determined by how we move or don’t’ move this area. In order to feel more effortless in our movement, we will take time in the workshop to get familiar with the bones and the muscles in this area both conceptually and experientially as well as discover the 3 movements that operate in the pelvis. We’ll cover the psoas and learn about how it responds to our breathing. The psoas gets talked about a lot, but can often get neglected in terms of really understanding how to feel it.

We’ll discover some of the secrets of the sacrum. I like calling it the sacred sacrum. We’ll take all this into some running and experiment with the 3 ranges of motion that the pelvis makes.

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