Sitting Meditation Workshop

October 1, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
4586 N 95th St
Lafayette, CO 80026
$65.00 for 1. Bring a friend and get a discount! $110.00 for 2
Janet Runyan


Meditation Workshop

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Make Meditative Sitting Practice a Part of Your Daily Life

  • Free yourself from the Speed and Acceleration of Daily Life
  • Learn Correct Sitting Posture to Create the most Benefit from Sitting
  • Discover the Gateway to that Rich, Wordless, Silent Realm
  • Learn Basic Meditation Focuses Designed for our Lifestyle at this Time in this Culture
  • Learn How To Transfer your Sitting Practice into Daily Life
  • Learn How to Access your Core in Movement
Here’s a testimonial for how it could help your running and your life!

“After I took the Sitting Meditation Workshop something happened when I was running up the hill where I felt everything sort of lock in place. I was at the same time down and completely even on the ground, and moving with a sense of power that I never felt in quite the same way before. I realized that this is what running from the core must really feel like. I also realized that up until this point, I had been focusing on how the movement of my extremities related to the movement of my core, but never really bringing my awareness in to my center. Now that I have felt this, I can get myself there pretty quickly – not only when running, but walking, sitting, being anywhere. “

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Benefits to a Sitting Meditation Practice

How it Can Help you in your Life and Training

As we all continue to lead busier and more complicated lives in this culture, Sitting Practice has become more of a necessity to balance and deal with daily stress. It is a constant challenge to learn how to live your life in such a way that we don’t undermine the contact and connection with our true selves and live in a way that we can deepen and strengthen that connection. So, I wanted to just list a few of the benefits of Sitting Practice–what it can contribute to your life as well as your training. And, of course, remember all this takes time, patience, daily practice, and consistency.

Making Better Choices

When we are stressed out, we tend to react according to the patterns that have been set in us over a long period of time. We tend not to be very open to new or creative solutions. Sitting practice helps us here tremendously. With sitting, you learn how to do things with a sense of valuation and deeper meaning rather than be pulled by reactions in the moment. It helps us slow down our quick and impulsive responses and allows us to make choices from a calm and centered place.

Developing Centeredness

Sitting practice helps you contact your being, a place inside that you can call home. Sometimes home can be a scary place if you haven’t been there for a long time. Sitting practice enables you to have a deeper understanding of your inner self. Through sitting on a daily basis you can gain a better understanding of your life’s purpose.

Self Observation

When you sit quietly and allow yourself to watch your thoughts, even if it is only for a few minutes, you become aware of how much noise is in your mind. Sitting practice will help you learn to have leverage and perspective on these thoughts and develop a place of neutrality. It is very challenging to bring what you practice and learn in your meditation practice to a real-life situation, but when you’re actually in that life moment and someone is yelling at you–you have to remember to step back and have some separation and notice the feelings that you are having. This all happens in a millisecond, so it takes a lot of practice, but it’s possible to begin making headway to change your reactions.

Body Sensing

There’s two poles that give us the data we need to determine what we really need and be able to direct our attention and our movement the way that we want to. Self Observation is the top pole and the bottom pole is Body Sensing. Body sensing gives us all kinds of information about ourselves from what needs to change with our form and movement patterns to perform the best we can, to being able to contact a place of stillness rather than franticness. Sitting practice will bring your attention to your body in a whole and integrated way and will help you in all your physical activities.

Mental and Emotional Equanimity

Clinical studies have documented specific ways that meditating may help people stay healthier, sharpen mental focus, and gain more power over their emotions. Sitting practice will help reduce overall stress levels and alleviate anxiety. If we feel less anxious, your mind will be more clear and productive. You will also learn to detach in a positive way to emotions that often distort the reality of situations by excess worry or mental gymnastics that can create more stress. Instead, there will be more equanimity to deal with situations directly and from a place of reality rather than the distortions that can get created.

Increased Energy

Sitting practice can provide a break in the day, thus refreshing you, the meditator, who then has renewed energy and attention to put into whatever tasks may be at hand. It can teach you to bring your attention more to the present moment so that you’re not wasting energy on unnecessary thoughts or worries. It can help you break negative thought patterns that are not good for overall health and productivity.