Getting Started


I’m really looking forward to starting this process of helping you achieve your running goals. The following information will help give a clear picture of what I will expect from you as a running coach, as well as give you information on how you can best use me to get what you need. I offer running coaching in the Boulder / Denver area in person, but also can coach you long distance.  Be sure to see my online running coaching page for people living outside of the Boulder / Denver area. 

Scheduling Running Coaching Sessions

In the beginning I recommend scheduling sessions once every two weeks. This is usually necessary in order to overcome years of ingrained movement patterns and to instate new movement patterns that lead to improved running form. Sometimes people will schedule a few sessions weekly just to get a kick start into the process.

I recommend, when possible, that you opt for a 3-, 5-, or 8-session package to get the most consistent, up-front work on your form. You will be a different runner by employing these methods—no matter what level you are, your running will be transformed by consistent work with these techniques.

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What to Bring to Your First Session

Please bring to each session running clothes, running shoes, and your running log. Even if you don’t need help with your training schedule and just want form work, I need this information to determine what the causes of your injury may be, or what form problems may exist.

Running Boulder, ColoradoI will videotape your running form and we will work to improve your form. Click here for more details around videotaping.

We will plan a training schedule together based on your issues with form and your goals for the future.

Open Communication

Listen to your running coach and make sure your coach is listening to you. Be honest with feedback to me. I need to know how you feel physically and psychologically in order to adjust your training schedule. If your training schedule is posing problems to the rest of your life, please let me know. But please also know that when I give workouts, there is a lot of background information and reasoning that goes into it that comes from my experience as a coach and runner. Please don’t change workouts unless you talk to me, especially when you are dealing with an injury. Exactitude is actually more important than you might think.


As your running coach, it’s extremely important that I know about any injuries or anything that might be going on that’s hurting. It’s important that you call me right away so I can help you in the initial stages. If we get right on top of the healing process, injuries can often be healed really quickly with a few simple focuses and the right measure taken.

Leg Reports

At different times I’ll ask you to leave me a leg report by email. Sometimes when things are more complicated, we might need to talk on the phone. I depend on you to take this responsibility when I ask for a leg report specifically. Once you leave a report, I will get back to you about the next step to take.

Training Program

I want you to keep a log of all your workouts. In order to help you with your program, I need to have a record of what you actually do. I will give you a calendar in the session; make sure to log your actual workouts and send your log to me before the next session.  Again, if you have questions before then, please email me. For example, say you miss a workout and you’re not sure what the best thing to do is. That’s when you should call or email me. That’s what I’m here for.

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