Online Coaching

Not in the Boulder/Denver Area?

If you don’t live near Boulder or Denver, or if it’s difficult to travel to my location, I can still provide coaching services for you. I do recommend though, if you can, to periodically make the trip to the area and get some in-person coaching to complement the work we do long distance.

My goal with video analysis is to help you run more efficiently with less energy and less impact, and remain injury free. Video Analysis will help you to reach your goals as I help you to improve your form and your training plan.

All it takes is for you to send some digital footage of your running to me. After analyzing the video we will have a phone conference so you can get my recommendations for improving your running form. I can also any other questions that you may have around your training in general. It’s that simple!

Getting Started

  1. Choose 1, 3 or 5 sessions. Sessions are 1 hour.
  • One video coaching session: $80.00
  • Three sessions:  $225.00
  • Five sessions: $350.00
  1. Create your video using the instructions below.
    3.    E-mail or share your digital file using Google, Dropbox, or some other form I don’t know about yet.
    4.    Schedule a teleconference with me via Skype or Facetime, or just phone.

Video Instructions

It’s important to read the instructions carefully in order to have a successful  videotaping session. The better the video is, the better I can see how you are actually moving.

Clothing: Please wear form-fitting clothing as much as possible such as:  Shorts, running bra (for women), no shirt if possible (for men), t-shirt, form-fitting long sleeve shirt, and tights. Tuck in your shirt so that I am able to view your waistline.

You’ll need two helpers: one person to videotape your running sessions (the videographer), and another person to drive the car.

General filming tips:

  • Always keep the camera as steady as possible
  • Always shoot the film with the sunlight at your back
  • Choose a consistent surface, such as flat pavement on a street that isn’t very busy.

Angles to shoot from running and standing:

  • I will want a view of the runner standing with approximately 15 seconds from each angle, front, back, right side, left side.
  • I will want a view of the runner running (a total body shot) from the front, back and both sides.
  • Position the runner to fill the entire frame.  Keep the runner in the frame as large as possible without cutting off the feet or head.

Filming Techniques:

  1. Standing
  • Have the runner stand naturally with feet placed about 1 foot apart with their running shoes on.  Just have them relax and settle in as if standing normally.
  • Film each angle:  Front, Back, Right side, Left side for 15 seconds each.
  1. Running on the Road
  • The videographer needs to film the runner from both sides straight on.  (See video in sidebar for example.)  Get the runner as square as possible and have their full body in the frame without cutting off their feet or head.   Do this from the right side and from the left side.  Film about 1 minute each.
  • With the videographer out of the car, have the runner run directly away from the videographer (getting a shot from behind) for about 30 feet. Then have the runner turn around and run towards the videographer.  Repeat this 3 times.
  1. Running on the Treadmill
  • If at all possible, include some treadmill shots.  Get video from the front, back, and each side.   Some treadmills won’t allow for this, but get what you can.  Film about 30 seconds for each angle. Make sure that you get the whole body and also the foot strike. If you can’t get the whole body in the frame at once, shoot different parts of the body in different segments.


Scheduling a Teleconference

Once I have your video, I will send potential dates and times that I have available for a teleconference. During this time we’ll discuss your form, exercises that you should do, and any questions that you might have about your training.

In preparation for the teleconference, have the following items ready:

  • Your own copy of the videotape that you sent to me
  • Prepared questions
  • I will phone you at the agreed-upon time.
  • Please email any questions that you have before the teleconference to: