Leadville 100 Finisher

Justin Snow“In 1998 I decided that I wanted to run after being inspired by the Leadville 100. I sought Janet’s help in ‘learning’ how to run properly so that I too could run Leadville one day. Prior to this time I didn’t like running much because it hurt my knees, back and stomach (cramps).

“I started to see Janet every other week, and efforted between sessions to work with the instructions she would give me. Slowly my form began to change and I began to run farther, faster and with more ease than ever before. I have had injuries come up through out the past 10 years and each time Janet has been able to help me continue running, correct the cause and heal the injury.

“Having now completed several ultramarathons (including Leadville twice), running has become a part of my life. Through Janet’s expertise in helping me change how I run, I am able to run well and run with joy!”

Justin Snow
Boulder, CO

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