Recovering from Back Injury

NancyJanet started coaching me when I was coming back from a serious back injury. I hadn’t run in 7 years! Her deep understanding of healing injuries through movement, and her ability to see correct alignment and then being able to coach me into a whole new form, changed my life. I learned how to body sense when my form was putting stress on my back, and how to correct my posture and movement through my form so that I could run without pain. Now I regularly run long distances (marathons and longer) as well as speed work outs, and I do not fear another back injury because of how Janet has taught me how to understand my own body and what causes stress and what creates relaxation. It’s all in the form! (and correct mental attitude, consistency, and lifestyle………) I can now run what I never thought was possible, and it has changed my thinking about my own potential as a runner.

~ Nancy Monson
Lafayette, CO

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