How does it work?

I will videotape your running during each session. My goal as a running coach is to help you understand what I want to accomplish with you, and why on the kinesthetic, conceptual, visual, and experiential level.  We all learn differently so I find what works for you.

During the run 20-40 minute run in various places in Boulder and around my office in Lafayette, I will observe your running form, analyze any problems, and come up with a step-by-step approach to correcting the problems.

I will incorporate conceptual material as well as experiential exercises along with “form focuses” that will help cue your body to make the changes it needs in order to become a more efficient runner.

Afterwards, we will watch the videotape together; I will analyze your gait and critique your stride mechanics.

The Importance of the VideosJanet Running

The video gives you a reality check. Sometimes it takes seeing something before we can believe it, since our perception of how we move is often quite different from what we’re actually doing.

The video provides an image that your mind can provide your body with as well as a body sense when you get it right. We learn by imitation

Over time, these videos serve as an inspiring documentation of your transformation as a runner, so you can actually see the changes and improvements you are making.



Learning to self-analyze is a key component in my teaching of running form. There are three ways we learn:  self-observation, body sensing, and feedback. Self-observation gives us a great deal of information about where we are in space. Body sensing allows us to feel into our bodies and sense the changes we are making in contrast to our ingrained patterns that are wanting to take over from bad habits. Feedback allows us to know if the efforts we are making are working or not, and provides data about the adjustments we need to make to keep moving forward.

I will teach you methods and exercises to help develop your own self-observation and body sensing skills. In terms of feedback, along with the advantage of sessions with me and my direct feedback, the most powerful tool I know of is the ability to see oneself while running — something that can only happen through the magic of videotaping. That’s why I will videotape you running during each session.

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