Total Beginner to Intermediate Running

All Ages, Any Goal, Bolder Boulder, or Just for Fun!

Providing running coaching at all levels is a great joy for me.  I love working with beginner runners, whether complete beginners or people who have run in the past and want to get a fresh start. If this is your level, I can help you.

I will help you build a solid foundation that will provide the support to make gradual change into permanent change and make actual what is potential. It doesn’t matter what level you’re starting from. I will help you improve your running form from the ground up by teaching you proper body alignment and basic principles of movement including:

  • Absence of unnecessary effort
  • Moving your body through a range of movement applied specifically for running
  • Grounding and engaging your whole body and the power within
  • Moving from your center or core integrating the upper and lower body
  • Building Momentum and proper lean
  • Running with Rhythm and tempo

These principles will help you identify and manifest the basic qualities of good running form such as directed arm swing, optimal body lean, integration of upper and lower body, and utilization of the powerful core muscles of the hips and pelvis.

I emphasize the impact of lifestyle on one’s running ability. Diet, sleep, how we conduct our day, stress levels, and general support in our life all play a big part in whether or not we succeed. I will guide you to reach your highest level of training that a full and harmonious lifestyle supports. I believe that running can improve your life, and that by doing this, your running will reach higher levels.

I look forward to coaching you!

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