Youth and Teen-age Running

Get the Right Start

I love working with children and younger adults. I feel incredibly grateful that I can share all I’ve learned to help them get the right start. I hear so many of my adult clients say, “I wish I had found you when I was younger, it would have saved me a lot of injuries.”  Because young bodies are so pliable, it’s an ideal time to change issues that may be holding them back. Making those changes is much easier when you are young.

My running coaching is ideal for anyone who simply loves to run, who runs competitively in cross country or track, or who is injured and needs form work to heal. My emphasis is helping with running form and structural imbalances that could be creating problems on either the performance or injury level. I work specifically with runners, but I have worked with youth who are also involved in other sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and football. In addition to the form work, I believe that building a strong foundation in form, training, and diet is key to the development of young children or teens as they grow into their potential.

Feel the Joy of Running

Running is a lifelong skill. It’s so important for kids to have positive and successful experiences either with what they are doing at school athletically or individually on their own. With my approach of looking at the whole person, I aspire to develop their physical strengths and build confidence in them by giving them tools to work with their weaknesses.  I can help them learn physical skills and also build qualitative attributes like endurance, grace, strength, power, perseverance, discipline, playfulness, independence, and confidence.  Learning to feel the joy of running — and having fun! — is a high priority.

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Note to Parents: If you decide to hire me as a coach/trainer for your child, I will strongly encourage you to commit to setting aside some time for this endeavor. Working with children and young adults is developmental: just a few sessions usually doesn’t hold.  Consistency over time is key. It’s hard on a child to actually start to feel success and then have it disappear because there wasn’t enough follow-through. I’m mentioning this now so that we can discuss this further in terms of how it might relate to your child individually.

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