Savory and Thyme (Grain and Veggie)

“ST” aka “Savory and Thyme”

This meal is Back to Basics: three veggies and a couple of seasonings sauteed and layered on top of  whole grain kasha or bulgur wheat in a bowl.  We love this meal for breakfast or dinner.   You can add variety by having it with zucchini or yellow squash instead of broccoli; chard (or a mix of chard and spinach) instead of spinach; and – for additional protein – stir in raw almonds, cashews or sunflower seeds.  If you like, top it all off with Monterey Jack cheese cubes or fresh alfalfa sprouts!

The basic recipe (for 4 people)

3 cups onion cut in 3/4 inch squares

3 cups broccoli cut in bite size pieces

6 cups spinach washed and cut/torn into silver dollar size pieces.

2 cups cracked bulghur wheat

6 cups water


1 1/3 c roasted buckwheat groats (kasha)

4 1/2 c water

2 T Unrefined Safflower Oil

2 t savory

2 t thyme


2/3 cup sunflower seeds or 3/4 c raw almonds or cashews cut in half cross-wise.

1/2 cup/person of Monterey Jack cheese cut in 1/4″ cubes.

1/2″ layer of alfalfa sprouts on each bowl.

Preparation and Cooking:

Bulghar takes about 2 hours to cook to be really soft, and the kasha takes about 20 minutes.  You can also put this meal over brown rice.

The veggies will take about 25-30 minutes to cook.   We like to cook in cast iron, but a stainless frying pan will work fine.  Heat the pan on medium.  Add safflower oil.  Saute the onions on medium with or without a lid, stirring frequently.  Add herbs.  Once they are translucent and soft, add broccoli or squash.  Lid the pan. If you are using chard, add that about 3 minutes after adding the broccoli heads, once they have started to wilt and soften.  If you are using spinach, wait a little longer as spinach will cook faster than chard.  Add small amounts of water as you are cooking the vegetables if the pan starts to dry out and things begin to stick.  Once the veggies are tender, add a little more water for juicy-ness; add nuts or seeds (optional).  Serve over grain (about equal amounts of grain as vegetables).  Top off the bowls with cheese cubes or alfalfa sprouts (optional).