Online Sitting Meditation Workshop

Empower Your Running

Transform Your Life

Sunday, June 5th 2022

How Meditation Can Help Your Life

Learn a Consistent Practice that is Body-Based

This practice is designed for our culture’s busy, complex lifestyle. Learn the fundamentals for a body-based sitting practice and access the two complementary poles of human consciousness– body sensing and self-observation.

Find the Correct Sitting Posture

Find the sitting posture that works for you so you’re not experiencing aches and pains. We’ll learn exercises to ease the body and find a comfortable position. Beginning a new practice will develop new muscles both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Discover a World Beyond Doing

As we all lead busy and more complicated lives, a meditation practice is a necessity to decrease stress, establish daily balance, and maintain connection with what’s really important. We often think multi-tasking will get us ahead, but research shows that when we take time to ground and calm our nervous systems, we are actually more productive. The reality is the more you slow down, the more you get done.