Strengthening Core and Endurance

Elise“I have a crazy dream of completing a full ironman in 2017.  When I set that goal in Feb 2015, I could not run a 5k without pegging my heart rate at the high end of “sane” and without hurting my back and knees.  In short, I was in bad shape.  I knew if I were to make any progress at all, I needed to make sure my basics were SOLID.  That’s where Janet came to my rescue.  When she looks at me run, she sees bones and muscles and tendons and a lot of biomechanics that either are working together or creating problems.  She helped me tweak my running form to completely eliminate my joint pains.  With the exercises she gave me to work on at home, my core is getting stronger and my endurance is building in a healthy way.  I completed a 10k in July as part of an Olympic distance triathlon – the run was hard, especially after a swim and a 26 mile bike ride but I was very very pleased with the results and so thankful for all Janet’s superb guidance.  She is practical, gentle, encouraging, and brilliant at what she does.  I am on my way!!

Thank you Janet!”

~  Elise Howes

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