Torn Achille’s Tendon

PilarI have known and trained with Janet Runyan for the past 4 years. Janet is an extraordinary person. She possesses a huge heart, a fine sense of humor and a remarkable spirit. She gives generously of herself to her clients. I have benefited from her singular dedication and unique insight, as well as her years of experience and considerable success running competitively.

When I first started working with Janet I was suffering from a badly torn Achille’s tendon. I could not afford to have it surgically repaired, nor was surgery my first choice of recovery strategies. After a year of rest with no improvement, someone suggested that I try contacting Janet. Amazingly, working with her brought not only healing to my tendon, but an awareness of and improvement in the cause of my injury. She calls it “healing on the run”. For me, it translates into no repeats.

Janet has enormous integrity, and respect for other peoples’ choices. Working with her has been a lesson in getting to know myself and in experiencing my own body in a new and intimate way. Through the vehicle of studying and improving my running form it has been possible for me to overcome this debilitating injury as well as other ensuing physical setbacks. Form, developing an awareness of my own body and its subtleties, and overcoming discomfort through mental focuses: these three techniques form the basis of Janet’s coaching method as I understand it. It is a very effective way to learn to run, or take your running to a higher level.

I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to work with Janet Runyan!

~Pilar Pedersen

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