Training Smart

BethAs a lifelong competitive athlete, I have had numerous coaches over the years but no one else has ever come close to understanding me first as a person and second as an athlete the way Janet Runyan does. I find comfort in knowing that she gets me.  I have gone from being a compulsive, injury prone runner to someone who can now appreciate the importance of training smart, running efficiently and staying in the game. Her x-ray vision is impressive. She can recognize tension in my body that I am not even aware of it. Her conservative, step by step approach is how I am able to continue running, even after some significant set backs, including a broken pelvis. We have known each other for over twenty years. I feel extremely fortunate to work with her and continue to learn something new every session! I also know that my work with her has helped me to become a better swimming instructor and person. Can’t ask for more than that!

~ Beth

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