Ultraman World Champion

Monica Fernandez“I suffered from knee injuries for 9 years. While living in Boulder training as a professional triathlete, I went to Janet Runyan when I heard she worked on form and could help fix injuries by correcting the form. And I have to say that it’s been over 7 years, and I’m still running happier than ever and every day appreciating the help of Janet, as now I can focus on different things while running and I just feel so free. “I did start with Janet, and ran through an injury, with the correct form and also going really slow with something like 10 min of running and being patient. It was fun to analyze your own running by checking it out on the TV after the session together with Janet. After working with Janet, I won the Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii in 2000 and again in 2001. I also ran The Marathon Des Sables, in the Sahara desert. I also finished the Leadville Trail 100. I see people around me that have stopped running or that suffer from different ailments and I wish I could send them over to Janet to get the help I got. But living in Morocco it’s a bit too far.”

Monica Fernandez


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